Starting Spring Semester

Wait… there’s a second semester? (LOL, totally kidding)

The first semester of law school was hard. But we all knew that would be the case. My cohort started law school online, during a pandemic, and largely without the company of other law students. Our experience was far from “traditional.” So, to summarize the events of August – December 2020– the first semester of law school was hard.

I used my winter break from classes to rest and recharge, a concept that is a little foreign to me. I’m not really good at taking breaks from work and trying to not do things. But man, did it feel good. I watched so much Survivor over winter break. I’ve never even watched Survivor before! I started with Season 28 simply because it was what Netflix made available. Now, just a few weeks later, I think I’ve finished five seasons? I hardly watched Netflix during the semester. When I did take some time to watch Netflix, I found myself issue-spotting or thinking about law school even more. It felt really good to take a break and do things that were completely unrelated to law school for a little while.

Of course, I couldn’t completely ignore school. I checked grades, reviewed my finals, kept up with my law school friends, and took a few moments to check my email. I wasn’t as excited to receive my grades as compared to undergrad. It was a different feeling. My professors were honest about the grading curve and there was a set expectation that not everyone would be happy about their grades (and that’s okay.)

The spring semester starts up again in four days. (Which also means there’s four more days to finish readings for day one.) It feels different preparing for “the first day of school” as compared to past years. Three of my classes will continue from last semester — Civil Procedure, Contracts, and LARAW. I have two new classes — Property and Critical Lawyering Skills. For the three classes that are continuing, I have a very clear understanding of what is expected of me and how I can succeed. I know these professors, I know my classmates, and I know how I have been graded previously. On the other hand, I am approaching my two new classes with a much clearer understanding of how to succeed in law school. I know what works for me now as a law student and how to approach my classes.

In short, I feel much better heading into this second semester of law school as compared to the first. I am heading in knowing very well the expectations, the demands, and my own abilities. I’m excited to start this semester strong.

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