First Post!

Hello, Internet!

I have been wanting to start this blog for quite some time now. Before I started law school, I would turn to law school bloggers to gain some insight in regards to how others approached law school; from how they organized their tasks, managed their time, or which planners worked best for them.

Even before I was accepted into law school, I remember reading about how other students studied for the LSAT (law school admissions test). During my undergraduate career, I didn’t know many other students applying to law school during the same cycle as me, so looking to online resources was incredibly helpful.

Fast forward to today. I am about to start my second semester of my 1L year at Santa Clara University School of Law. I have thought about making a blog for months but didn’t take the time to do it… until now! I’m really excited for this journey. I hope I can provide insight to those thinking about going to law school, provide helpful resources for those preparing for law school, and keep a record of my experiences in law school.

(I am by no means at all an expert in any of this stuff! I am on a journey to my JD, and humbly learning along the way!)

Looking forward to this exciting journey!


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